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The lifestyle that Montebello promises to bring its future residents is made possible with the location of this development that keeps it close to nature. You can wake up to the sight of the lovely green and mountains near Mount Makiling. But within the subdivision itself, you will find a wide range of facilities and amenities that are suited for the lifestyle that you aspire.

The grand entrance gate is the primary amenity that is available for the residents at Montebello. This entrance gate features the same modern Asian-inspired design that is a consistent theme throughout this development. This entrance gate also comes with a guard house. This guard house is manned by security personnel that will monitor the entry and exit of vehicles in the subdivision. Hence, you can guarantee that no unauthorized individuals can enter the subdivision. When it comes to any facilities and amenities, nothing can compare to the peace of mind that your family can enjoy.

In addition to the entrance gate, the Clubhouse is a standout feature of this development by Filinvest Land. The Clubhouse, like the entrance gate, is consistent with the modern Asian architectural theme. This is a spacious clubhouse that can be a great venue for social gatherings within the community. You can also use it as a venue for your family celebrations and birthday parties, to name a few. The Clubhouse is surrounded by landscaped gardens and plenty of trees. Hence, it is also consistent with the theme of allowing this community to blend in with nature, so you can enjoy the ultimate pampering and relaxation within your own community.

Right next to the Clubhouse is the large swimming pool. This pool is open for all residents to use. Due to the size of the swimming pool, you will have no problem sharing it with other members of the community. Just like the Clubhouse and the landscaped gardens that surround it, the swimming pool is beautifully maintained. It also comes with lounge areas by the pool side so you can relax after enjoying a good swim.

Just a few meters away from the swimming pool and clubhouse is the children’s play area. The play area contains several installations such as slides, swings, obstacle course-type stations, and monkey bars. Therefore, it is suitable for kids of all ages. Since it is located close to the pool, it is convenient for adults to watch over the children as they play if you are relaxing by the pool. Indeed, the proximity of the amenities within each other makes your life more convenient – just one of the many ways that the developers showcase their commitment of addressing the needs of each family member.

The wide community roads are another notable feature that the residents can enjoy. The 10-meter wide roads give a spacious feel to the entire development. In addition to the amenities mentioned above, there are other amenities you can enjoy: basketball court, tennis court, landscaped sidewalks, and pocket parks. You can utilize the courts to engage in various fitness activities and to pursue the active lifestyle that you desire.  

  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Picnic Areas / Play Areas
  • Pocket Parks
  • Swimming Pool
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